Smart Entiry Ventures


VentureChain will develop an Applied Learning Portal (Learn and Earn) that allows you to earn $$$ on the side while you complete (x) hours or contribute on a blockchain project that is audited, and approved by VentureChain partners Research,develop and implement real world solutions for PUblic, Civic and Government based customers.


Our goal is to work side by side with university labs and institutions in order to provide a world-class venture and finance program to help facilitate the success and financing of your department by working in real applied learning environments with high growth potential AI, Machine Learning, BlockChain, Crypto, New Business Models and other great fun and value add ventures.


VentureChain is a network of smart entities with self-organizing teams that run at the edges within premium URL’s. We encode decision-making, compensation, ownership and guidelines into smart contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our business model is Open, Circular, Linked and Aligned. Contribute today and join a fast growing, scalable, interoperable, venture blockchain network.