Outsourcing Consulting connects the education resources of universities with private sector needs to deliver high growth, transparent blockchain based applied learning, opportunities and economic benefits for members.

Outsourcing uses a public private partnership that creates, develops and expands research and economic development using blockchain and crypto education with applied, documented learning and ventures systems.
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Applied Learning Opportunities include some of the leading URL platforms such as:

- MortgageChain

- ServiceChain

- UtilityChain

- LegalChain


In partnership with founding member, Purdue University, are researching and building world leading blockchain specific solutions along with education based programs with the goal of becoming global Oracles within the respected industries. The clearly defined value propositions, operating efficiencies and synergies with transparency using blockchain and new business models sets Outsourcing apart from other developing programs.


Outsourcing will develop an Applied Learning Portal (Learn and Earn) that allows you to earn $$$ on the side while you complete (x) hours or contribute on a blockchain project that is audited, and approved by Outsourcing partners Research,develop and implement real world solutions for PUblic, Civic and Government based customers.


Our goal is to work side by side with university labs and institutions in order to provide a world-class venture and finance program to help facilitate the success and financing of your department by working in real applied learning environments with high growth potential AI, Machine Learning, BlockChain, Crypto, New Business Models and other great fun and value add ventures.


Outsourcing is a network of smart entities with self-organizing teams that run at the edges within premium URL’s. We encode decision-making, compensation, ownership and guidelines into smart contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our business model is Open, Circular, Linked and Aligned. Contribute today and join a fast growing, scalable, interoperable, venture blockchain network.
Outsourcing.org Inc. proposes an integrated development partnership to leverage blockchain and URL technology to leverage targeted digital assets. It uses the power of blockchain to create dynamic smart equity around each property and verify transactions onchain, transparently and securely. A Outsourcing.org investment provides a diversification across:
Property asset ownership and value enhancement
Sustainable energy solutions
Blockchain-based Smart Properties
A real estate transactions-backed cryptocurrency


Outsourcing.org's blockhain platform allow you to put a property on the RealtyChain blockchain so people can buy into it by converting it into eShares. Sell the eShares to investors, members or friends and family.

Outsourcing has a goal of becoming a leading consulting entity for education systems by incorporating blockchain/crypto and advanced technologies using a contribution/collaboration structure around an applied learning/doing systems documented onchain.
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